CAT-AGBA agreement ceremony

Proceeding with the business agreement of C.A.T. INC & AGBA... Preparing to be listed on NASDAQ

Bruce Khavar, Chairman of Cyber Advanced Technology Inc., a cyber high-tech company with next-generation networking security technology, is reportedly preparing to be listed on NASDAQ.

On the 24th, the C.A.T. INC held a business agreement ceremony with the AGBA ( American General Business Association ) -President Park Chan-Yoon- to prepare for the listing of NASDAQ.

Park Chan-Yoon, President of the AGBA (American General Business Association ) , who attended the signing ceremony, said, "We have been conducting due diligence on companies that are likely to succeed in NASDAQ in Korea," adding, "We selected C.A.T. INC and held the signing ceremony ."

Regarding the background of the business agreement with the U.S.-based C.A.T. INC company, the AGBA (American General Business Association) also said, "We highly appreciated C.A.T INC's technology suitability and growth in the global market that requires next-generation networking security technology."

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Park Chan-Yoon, president of the AGBA, said, "We are confident that the future vision of C.A.T. INC based on global technology and the company's vision and genius ability with hacking security solutions in the cyber era will change the paradigm."

Meanwhile, Park Chan-Yoon, CEO of Hong Kong IPO Capital Group (Korea Branch President of the AGBA), who supports the listing of NASDAQ in the U.S., entered Korea in August 2021 and is working on related tasks.