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Cyber Advance Technology - CAT is the culmination of eleven years of: technological innovation, industrial proofs of concept, and pioneering research and development. As a result, we are proud to have created a unique innovative pathway, with the highest industrial engineering standards. Performance, reliability, strength, safety, and security are innate underpinnings of Cyber Advanced Technologies.

The CAT Team

We have "the magic"

Creators of OT-OCN

We can build OTOCN paradigm to the needs of your organization

People Centric

You can partner with us to build secure and scalable apps in the OT-OCN paradigm.

Data Security

We can secure your data, services and users from unwarranted cyber attacks.

Developer Friendly

Learn OT-OCN and be the part of the future.

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Impenetrable and uninterruptible single unit in a rack mount architecture for the corporate cyber security arena. Anubis is a hardware device that interfaces between a corporate network and the internet. Anubis is a stand-alone cyber security system that allows for uninterruptible IT operations services. Anubis supports and collaborates with existing IT systems, to disable malicious attacks without causing any disruption to IT Operations. Some target markets – Financial Institutions, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure, etc.


OT-OCN small office/home office USB is a portable solution to protect any device utilizing. OT-OCN impenetrable and uninterruptible cloud technology. OT-OCN BBS-USB-7 is intended for the individual user at home or in a small office. Easy and convenient impenetrable and uninterruptible protection.


OT-OCN is the NEXT GENERATION internet architecture . Operational Technology- Operational Centric Network. This groundbreaking architecture resolves the flaws weaknesses in internet protocol (TCP/IP). It co-exists simultaneously and transparently with the current- older TCP/IP paradigm.

Fast and Scalable

Name driven Content delivery paradigm makes extremely fast and scalable


Data security and reliability through the decentralized architecture secured by hardware and software

Paradigm Shift

OT-OCN is name driven which is set to replace existing IP driven paradigm


Highly customizable to the needs of the developers and user


End-to-End security is provided through application, session and transport level security

Real Time

Best suited for real time applications in the era of Industrial Internet Of Things

Intrusion Prevention

Control over all aspects of the cloud make it not only Intrusion Protection but also Prevention ready

Blockchain Ready

The content authenticity and distribution model makes it blockchain ready

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